Green Hills Whole Foods Serving Up Organic all Around

I wanted to let everybody know that Whole Foods (also affectionately called “Whole Paycheck” by me and a couple of gals) has got nice looking pumpkins 3 for $13 right now.¬† Kind of throws my “Whole Paycheck” joke back in my face ūüôā

Whole Foods, Nashville style is located in Green Hills in the new Hill Center shopping area.¬† It offers organic products of all types, from food to clothing.¬† That’s right.¬† Get your darling hemp dress here!¬† I got a killer pair of hemp mary jane shoes with cork buttons and recycled rubber tire soles – love ’em!

I have also had many a good piece of fruit from this place, which regularly offers discounts on the seasonal fruits and vegetables.

I really admire the people who live a completely organic way of life.  I try to do it as much as I can, but going all organic can rub up too much against some of my greedy consumer habits and discount shopping.  I try to live in the middle on most things, with nothing done to the extreme.  I try and do this because otherwise I really get compulsive about certain things and take it overboard, rather like this post where I am giving you entirely TMI!

Last, but not least, for you freegans out there, Whole Foods may be a good place to dumpster-dive.¬† Let me know if you’re going -I may want to join you!