It's November in the Music City.  We are coming up on Thanksgiving and I wanted to put out a grateful post.

I am truly grateful for the wonderful year it has been here in Nashville.  I am rather new to the Real Estate Business, although I watched my father for years be a successful realtor here in my hometown, and it has been challenging and a HUGE learning experience for me! 

I am so grateful for any listings I even potentially could get and any buyers that I get to work with.  They are all part of my education and I appreciate that.

I am meeting so many people – some great, some, well… – it's all worthwhile as I learn my way into being successful in this biz. 

I am listing a house of a man who passed away this year who was an avid gardener.  As I walked through the house and out to the backyard with the daughter, I noticed a lot of houseplants and bulbs coming up everywhere.  I asked her about her father – if he was a gardener.  She said he loved to garden and had done so for 20+ years at this house.  She also said that if I could help her “get rid” of some of the plants, it would be great.  So I have this absolute treasure trove of plants now.  I am myself an obsessive gardener and I rescued a lot of plants from the garbage heap.  I am giving them to friends and family and I feel like a part of this man is living on through them. 

It's a special experience and one that I will always remember and be grateful for!