God Bless America and God Bless Ron Clark – Video on Voting

I strongly believe that one of the biggest problems plaguing our Great Nation right now is the education system.  I think we need a complete overhaul – total reform – we need to keep our children interested in learning.  We need to educate parents on how the children today will be the leaders of our nation tomorrow. 

We need new ways of teaching our children about history, science, math, english and so on.  I also think we need to teach our children about money – how it works and how it doesn’t work.

Okay, I know I am being preachy, but it was inspired by this video done by the Ron Clark Academy.  Ron Clark is a wonderful teacher and I wish that our education systems would follow some of what his model teaches. 

Enjoy the video!

Well, shoot, they took the video off – it was so cute!!! It was a take off on the song “You Can Have Whatever You Like” called “You Can Vote However You Like”…I’ll See If I Can find another one like it…

Here’s one from CNN:

One Other One with all of the lyrics!