Get WILD about the Nashville Zoo!

I have been to the Nashville Zoo, but have never written about it before.  So when I had the opportunity to go this past weekend with my bf’s family, I took the camera along and tried to take in what the Zoo has to offer!

From what I understand, the Nashville Zoo is loosely based on the idea at the San Diego Zoo that place animals in a more natural habitat for them rather than just in “cages”.  This makes for a very pleasant experience walking around the Zoo. 

The Nashville Zoo is also very kid-friendly!  There is a large playground and a petting zoo.  The day we were there the Zoo was putting on a “Ghoulish Experience” where the children were dressed in their Halloween costumes.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took at the Zoo of the animals!

So if you have a free afternoon and want to take the kids to do something, why not try the Nashville Zoo!!!

3777 Nolensville Road – Nashville, TN – 37211 (615) 833-1534