Enjoy a Cup of Coffee, a Dessert or a Meal at Nashville’s Fido in Hillsboro Village!


For those of us who remember Hillsboro Village back in the day when Fido’s WAS REALLY A PET SHOP, well, we all know that this part of town has come a long way baby!

Last known as Jones Pet Shop, this ultra trendy coffee shop, glorified snack bar and restaurant is a great place to go hang out, drink a cup of coffee or tea, have a yummy dessert or even go for the full meal, all the while conversing with your favorite hipsters and Vandy students galore!

One thing that I like about Fido’s is that you get to see a great Nashville mixture of people – if you go on a late Sunday morning, you are likely to have a very eclectic mix, from just-out-of-churchers to just-woke-up-musicians and writers, to sorority chicks and frat geeks out talking about what they shouldn’t have done but did do the night before!

Oh and don’t forget to bring your laptop (free Wi-Fi!!) – you are also likely to see some twenty-somethings on a date, both with their own laptops.

Fido’s in the Village is an offshoot of Bongo Java, just around the corner and down the street a ways…

I order the euro eggs for brunch or the steak sandwich if I hit it on a weekday lunch rush.  Just be sure to bring plenty of money if you are going to have a “real meal” and be prepared to wait a long time for your food during the rush times! 

Chow down lil doggies!

Fido Rocks!


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