Ease Your Lunchtime Hunger Pangs at Caesar’s Restaurant in West Nashville!

It’s inevitable:  I have been up working for a while and it hits me.  Those lunchtime hunger pangs.  Those “I can’t go on if I don’t have FFFOOOOOODDDD” feelings. 

Well, Nashville, if you’re near White Bridge Road near West End, then pop in to Caesar’s Italian Restaurant where you can get TWO buffets plus two soft drinks for $12.48 (with your Clipper Magazine coupon, that is)!  It’s kind of tricky to find – not obvious at first.  Look for the Target, Stein Mart and the Office Max.  Caesar’s is to the right of the Office Max in the corner of Lion’s Head Village.

There is a salad bar.  So eat as much of the green stuff as you want!  Not a huge selection for the choices to put in the salad, but it’s better than decent. 

There is a pizza bar.  Usually they have cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, a vegetarian style pizza and some kind of double meat pizza like sausage and pepperoni or something like that.  And don’t forget to grab a piece of the garlic bread!

Then there is the pasta bar where they are serving up spaghetti with various sauces, shells with ricotta cheese and mozzarella cheese on top.  Yummy!

Fun decor:

And all of this while live music serenades you — when I ate at Caesar’s on the 25th, there was a man playing guitar and he had some AWESOME rhinestone studded boots on!  Sorry this pic rather sux, but I am just NOT the best photographer:

I have been eating at Caesar’s since junior high – I’m not EVEN going to tell you how long ago that was – and the only complaint I have is that the tables and chairs are not really conducive for night time dining.  Their food is excellent and sometimes I would like to dine there for dinner, but it’s not a “romantic” Italian setting.  But they ARE the kind of people who DEFINITELY know how to make Italian food!

Here’s the location:

88 White Bridge Road – Nashville, TN – 37205 – 615.352.3661

Davidson County Folks – What are you waiting for?  Get out there and grab some grub!