Don’t Let “Spot” Leave A Mark! – Advice For Pet Owners Selling Their Homes


Don’t’ Let “Spot” Leave A Mark!

Advice For Pet Owners Selling Their Homes


We all love our pets! And if you love your dog as much as I love mine then you really consider them a family member. They are a part of our household, our lives, and our hearts. And although you may think that your pet is the most adorable and lovable creature on the planet, they can leave a not-so-cute impression on potential buyers if your home is on the market. Every showing of your home is an impending sale so you don’t want to risk leaving not even the slightest bad impression. So here are some tips for pet owners who don’t want to let “Spot” leave a mark.


Sell Your Home, Don’t SMELL Your Home! Pets leave odors no matter how well you keep them groomed. Odor is in their food, their dander and in their potty! Always keep pet areas clean and tidy. If you have a litter box make sure you empty out the waste and remove it from the inside of the home for the showing. Put it out in the garage or outside on the balcony. Clear your yard from doggie doo and vacuum the couch from any cat or dog hair. The first two minutes of a showing are the most impressionable and if bad odors are the first thing buyers smell when they walk into a house chances are they’ll walk right out.



No Pets Allowed! Remove all evidence of your pets, including your pets! Some people are not pet friendly either out of
 fear or allergy reasons. Dogs can startle people and that’s the last feeling you want to give a potential buyer. Besides, it will make your selling agent’s job a lot easier if they know they don’t have to deal with your pets when showing your house. Remove all food and water dishes, chew toys, etc. Put your cat in a kennel, take your bird in it’s cage, or load up the dogs and go for a drive.Or ask a friend to pet sit for a few hours. If you absolutely can’t remove your pets from your home be sure to keep them locked up in a cage or kennel with a sign that says “Do Not Disturb”. This will hopefully avoid anyone getting scratched or bitten because the last thing you want is to get slapped with a lawsuit!





Get That “Spot” Out Of The Carpet It’s a good idea to get your carpets professionally cleaned when your house is on the market regardless if you have pets or not. But it’s especially important if you are a pet owner. Pets can leave stains and the dander gets into the carpet and even though you may not be able to smell pet odors because you’re so used to it, others surely will!!! 





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