Decoupage Your Kitchen Counter Top – It Won’t Increase Your Home’s Value, but…

It sure was a lot of fun! 

Over the Holidays, I decided that I wanted a change from my boring kitchen counter top.  When I moved into my house a little over a year ago, I knew I had a project ahead of me (I bought it at under market value) and over time I have been improving it. 

Pics of the kitchen when I moved in:


Can you even fathom the pastel vinyl?  I have at least had some nice tile put in.  And there were big garage-type fluorescent lights.  I had them taken out as well and had my cute chandeliers put in and a nice fixture over the sink put in.  Oh, and I have changed out all of the handles and the sink faucet.  But the pink laminate countertop was really wearing me down. 


(Really what the kitchen needs is a complete overhaul.  But I am not quite ready to take on that project so I thought I would try something cheap in the meantime.)

Okay, so I thought hmmmm…. what would be a cheap solution to this pink countertop?  The rest of the house hasa distinctively art deco flair to it, so I thought – well, I will buy a book on art deco style and cut out the pics that I like and decoupage them onto the counter. 

Keep in mind that I have never decoupaged in my life. 

I got on Amazon and ordered a gorgeous used book on Art Deco for $35.  It arrived and I commenced cutting out the pics that I really liked.  Then I began to arrange them on the countertop. 

Because Paris and New York are two of my favorite cities, I selected pictures that had to do with them.  To the left of the sink I put all of the Paris pictures and to the right of the sink I put all of the New York pictures – so take a look at how it came out! 


View of the New Countertop



Featuring Art Deco in Paris!

Art Deco in New York!

Had to put King Kong in there!

More Fun Stuff!


All told I guess the project cost me about $75?  Not bad for a lot of fun and now extremely personalized countertop, which will keep me entertained until I do a remodel on the kitchen!