Dear IRS, I can explain. I am a Realtor…



Dear IRS,  I am writing to send my sincere regrets at not being able to pay my 2007 Taxes in full at this time. 


You see, I became a Realtor in April of 2007 just when the market took a nice dive. 

I promise you, I am not a slacker.  I worked three jobs in 2007 and barely made ends meet.


Any extra money that I had went to my listings and my gas tank.

My broker has been telling me that I just have to keep at it and it will get better.

I drive buyers all over middle Tennessee every day, I do open houses every Sunday, I farm, I work twelve hour days seven days a week!

I look at people with their stable jobs, their 401K's, their health insurance and I sometimes question the line of work that I chose. 

But, Sir or Madam, I have decided to stick with Real Estate for right now. 


Because in the long run, I am sure it will pay off and then I will be able to pay you off!


Sincerely and without regrets,


Emily Lowe,