Dear Clients,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the kindness you have shown me lately: 

Yesterday, Mr. and Ms. First Time Buyers and I had to meet to figure out a counter offer and you had the nerve to bring me a box of chocolates for my birthday!  How dare you?!?!  Don't you know that I am bound to work even harder for you to get you what you want in your first house?     


And what about you, Mr. Single Man Buyer.  You have now taken me to dinner TWICE!  And both times has it been my intention to pay!  And now we have an offer in on a house where the Seller is taking a hugely inordinate amount of time to get back to us… In other words, you are not being treated great by the Seller and yet you still treat me with kindness.  Unbelievable!!!  Don't you know that you could be screaming at me because things aren't necessarily going your way?

And, wow, what about Miss Just-Out-Of-College Home Buyer.  You have gone through hell and back with just about everything going wrong that could possibly go wrong, save the house burning down (knock on wood!).  You have had the best attitude in the midst of some very difficult circumstances.  I would not have blamed you one bit if you had broken down in front of me with a full-on meltdown due to the stress.  But you never did!Thankfully, we got things figured out before you had to go to court, but that was a really close call! 


Last, but certainly not least, Ms. Wants-to-Get-Her-New-Career-Up-and-Running who chose me randomly off the Internet to help her find the facility for her new business.  We are waiting on a structural engineer's report to find out if you should move forward with this facility or not.  You call me “the angel” and tell me that I am making your dreams come true just because I am representing you in your purchase and helping you with your business plan.

                                                   victorian angel playing violin

We all know that each Real Estate Transaction in the Middle Tennessee Area has its bumpy times and tense moments, but with clients like you, how could I do anything but just say a huge “THANK YOU!” and tell you publicly that you are all top class people who I feel privileged and honored to be able to do business with!!!