Buying Your First Home in Nashville? The Third Step is to Select that House

Buying Your First Home in Nashville? The Third Step is to Select that House

What Kind of Home Will You Select?

What Kind of Home Will You Select?


STEP ONE of this series for the first time home buyer in the greater Nashville area was about finding a lender and getting yourself pre-approved for a loan (if you aren’t going to pay cash).

STEP TWO of this series for the first time home buyer in the greater Nashville area is how to select a realtor.


So here we are at STEP THREE – The FUN STEP – SELECT A HOUSE!

Once you have selected a realtor and you have started to look online for houses and driven through some neighborhoods to get an idea of which areas you like, then it’s time to schedule some showings with your realtor!

Please keep in mind that all showings need to be scheduled in advance.

It’s a good idea to give at least a 24-hour advanced notice to the seller before attempting to see their house.  After all, the seller would like the opportunity to get their house into the best shape possible to be viewed!  If that is not possible, then alert your realtor as soon as you can; they will need some time to schedule these showings as well!

Your realtor will probably tell you the following “etiquette” on viewing listed properties, but just in case they forget, let me explain what’s groovy and what’s not:

Here’s what grooves:

  • If you drive by a listed property or a For Sale by Owner property, write down the property address and any potential phone numbers on it and pass them along to your realtor to set up a showing.  There may be some flyers in a box outside or a digital text for more information (usually near the sign) and it’s fine to gather this information!
  • If there is an open house scheduled and no showings allowed beforehand, go ahead and view other homes in the area. This way you will see what the “standard” is for that neighborhood.
  • Send MLS numbers to your realtor and ask to go view those properties with him or her.

These things are not so groovy:

  • Don’t go up to a listed property and knock on the door to ask the homeowner if you could “quickly run through the house” since you were just driving by.
  • Don’t peer into windows of listed properties unless you know that they are vacant!
  • Don’t steal the realtor’s sign in the hopes that no one else will try to get this property before you do (unless the sign is really beat up – then by all means please recycle it)!
  • Don’t call the realtor on the sign and ask if he/she could show you the property – that’s YOUR realtor’s job!


View properties with your realtor

Your realtor will most likely be pointing out to you good and bad points of each house, but (at least for me) they are probably looking at each house through the eyes of the “resale value”.  Since this will be your FIRST home, you will most likely not be living there your entire life!  Therefore, an “equity-building” house will be a very important aspect of your first home (in my opinion)!

And ALWAYS keep these real estate guidelines in the back of your mind:

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Buy the Worst House on the Best Street You Can Afford – this does not mean to buy a horrible house.  This means don’t purchase the biggest house on the street.  Select a house which is a small or an average size home in comparison to the ones around it.

Select a house that YOU LIKE and can live in which also meets the above criteria – then it’s time to PUT IN AN OFFER which will be my next post!

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