Buyer Incentives May Help Your Nashville Home Sell Faster! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

If you are currently selling or thinking of selling your home in the Nashville / Middle Tennessee area, then you probably know it’s ONE TOUGH MARKET OUT THERE!!! Inventory is HIGH – and the need to make your house stand out from the crowd is greater than ever! 




It IS POSSIBLE, though, to attract more buyers to your property if you entice them with extra Buyer Incentives.  These aren’t always cheap and you may just prefer to lower the price of your house.  But here goes!

  1. Pay some closing costs.  If you haven’t heard the news, the economy is rough and lenders have tightened up on lending, requiring more money up front before a real estate transaction can happen. 
  2. Pay down some points for the Buyer.  The rates are low right now, but if someone doesn’t have perfect credit, then the mortgage rate can also be an issue, so take that concern out of the Buyer’s head by paying down some points!
  3. Offer to Help with the Down Payment.  This really may mean the difference between a sale and no sale.  Especially if you are in the $200K and under price range, you may be dealing with a first-time Buyer who did not know exactly how much they were going to need for a down payment! 
  4. If you Live in a Subdivision with a Home Owner’s Association, offer to pay the six months or year of the fee.  HOA fees can be high – and sometimes the sticker shock of the mortgage is so painful that the HOA may put the Buyer over the top!  Ease their mind – help them out!
  5. Giveaways.  How about leaving behind that nice plasma that just perfectly fits in a spot in your current house?  I have seen everything from cars, boats, landscaping, new appliances, to the electronic equipment, even vacations!  There is a reason for these – THEY WORK!!!

Hopefully you have gained some insight into the mind of a typical Nashville Buyer these days – the more they get, the merrier they are!  Seem on the extreme side?  It can be, depending on what you offer, but it can also mean the difference between selling your house and not!

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