Buy Low, Sell High – Take 2

Okay, we have all heard of this concept – buy low, sell high. 

Here is the question:  Does that concept apply to the current Nashville Real Estate Market?

We have all heard the news that it is a buyer's market.  In Nashville and Middle Tennessee, that means that we have a lot more inventory (homes currently listed for sale on the market).  So yes, as a Real Estate Buyer or Investor, you have a LOT of listings to choose from.

However, since Nashville area Real Estate is currently still appreciating in value, you as a Buyer are not necessarily going to be purchasing a home at a lower cost. 

Real Estate is one of the safest investments to have if you know where to buy and the price to buy it for.  And if you are buying real estate Nashville's current market, chances are that you will find a VERY good house for a VERY good and reasonable price right now. 

In other words, this is a GREAT time to buy real estate in Nashville and Middle Tennessee simply because the SELECTION is outstanding!   

But you won't necessarily be buying low, because Nashville's homes are still APPRECIATING in value.  The good news is all around you!