Belmont University Hosts the Presidential Debate! Can’t Get In?

To my knowledge this is the first time that Nashville, TN has ever held a Presidential Debate.  And Belmont University is the lucky host of the event!

Yes, it’s true.  John McCain and Barack Obama will be duking it out right here in the Music City.  There are some fortunate folks out there who will be able to attend the Town Hall Format Debate LIVE and IN PERSON at the Curb Event Center, but for the rest of us, we most likely won’t even be able to break through the fortress surrounding the campus! 

Here’s an alternative, though.  Bongo Java is serving up its best brew (coffee, people) and rolling out the red carpet for Nashvillians who do want to watch the debate as close to Belmont Campus as possible. 

The location is 2007 Belmont Boulevard – Nashville, TN  -37212 – their phone number is 615.385.5282 in case you need it. 

Tuesday night, October 7, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.

See you there!