Bad Neighbors and the Sale of your Nashville Home

Bad Neighbors and the Sale of your Nashville Home

Bad Neighbors can Wreck the Sale of your Nashville Home

We have all seen comedic movies about bad neighbors; “Funny Farm” comes to mind for me.  And then there are the scary movies about bad neighbors; “A Nightmare on Elm Street” stands out in that category [can you tell I was a child in the 80’s??].  While these examples of un-neighborly neighbors are extreme, truly bad neighbors are no joke. 


Bad neighbors can make your Nashville home difficult to sell.  The houses on either side of my home in Oak Hill are rented out.  The house to my left is rented out to a very nice family.  The house to my left is rented out to… Belmont University music school guys who are in a band (or from the sound of it, lots of bands).  If you are familiar with Nashville, then you know that there are LOADS of musicians here and the Belmont University music student is a very common occurrence.  I love Nashville (I’m the rare native) and I love music, but let’s just say I am not necessarily loving heavy rock music at 1:00 a.m.  If I were that age, I’d probably be joining in and staying up late with them.  But, being in a different phase of my life, I’d really rather not hear them so late at night.  Now, to their credit, these guys are all super nice and completely respectful if I ask them to keep it down.  And, as for the beer bottles that are sometimes launched into my yard, I just launch them back.  : )  But not everyone is as fortunate as I am.


This brings me to another story.  I was showing houses in East Nashville (affectionately called East Nasty by its residents) which has good areas, bad areas and transitioning areas.  My clients (first-time homebuyers) had found a WONDERFUL little cottage style home that they were so excited to see.  As lots of people in Nashville are, they were very active in their church and in the Nashville community.  We noticed some neighbors across the street with their kids out playing in the yard and thought “how cute”.  We then viewed the house.  It was a TERRIFIC house and they were excited about the possibility of actually owning this home and making it their own.  While they were talking about where to fit furniture and what they might need, I stood and looked out the front window.  I saw the little children continuing to play across the street and then I noticed that there were lots of adults out there.  I surmised that they were having a party.  Then I noticed that the adults were passing some stuff around.  I looked a little more closely and figured out they were passing around weed and cocaine to one another.  [GULP]  This was all taking place in the yard with children around.  I then called my Christian clients to take a look.  (I do believe in not hiding anything from a client when purchasing or selling a house).  They took one look at that and were ready to go.  With the neighbors openly abusing drugs in the yard, the police could have been contacted to help remedy the situation.  But these homebuyers were not about to take the risk that nothing would be done.  And I don’t blame them.


All of this to say that IT MATTERS who your neighbors are.  Whether you are selling your home or buying a home in Nashville, have a look at the neighbors.  If you are currently living with bad neighbors, there may be a solution (depending on what that situation is).  Animal cruelty (which I unfortunately see too often during showings), too many cars/unwanted yard art and drug abuse all come to mind as situations that may be remedied by the city. 


Do you have a bad neighbor?  If so, what are they doing?  I would love to hear what people are dealing with out there and will try to be helpful in offering a solution.