Asian Fusion the Pei Wei Way – Nashville’s Green Hills Newest Asian Food!

I think that once upon a time I ate at a Pei Wei Restaurant in Southern California.  But this Asian restaurant has also made its appearance in the Middle Tennessee area – I know there is one in Brentwood and Murfreesboro, most likely in other areas as well.

The Pei Wei that I am writing about is in the new Hill Shopping Center, just across the way from Whole Foods in Green Hills.

To me, it’s just a standard Asian fusion type of restaurant and you can get something quick for around $10 in Nashville, which is nice. 

I remember that I had some sort of noodle dish, and it did have some green onions and chicken in it.  Beyond that I don’t recall what else there was.  That’s not a particularly great review, I realize, so I am going to post another link where there are more thorough reviews done.  Although I can’t remember what exactly I ate there, I do remember liking it and thinking that I might come back when I needed something quick and on the cheap to eat!

So there’s the review!  I guess you’ll just have to go and find out for yourself – maybe even LET ME KNOW how you found it to be!!!