As Long As We Live, It’s AR and Me, Baby!

As Long As We Live, It’s AR and Me, Baby!

Recently I decided to step up my marketing with a new campaign.  So I hired a lady in our office who is the “online presence” marketing guru at The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty in Nashville where I affiliate.  We are good friends, anyway, and frequently have “wars” with our blogs to see who can rank higher! 

We met up today for a lunch meeting to go over the first phase of the plan and make sure we had covered the implementation of it. 

During the meeting she showed me the analytics of the last two weeks on our company’s website.  I was shocked to see that my ActiveRain blog posts had driven 30 prospects to our company’s website in the past two weeks! 

I knew that ActiveRain worked due to the amount of leads and referrals I get from my blog, but I had no idea that AR was helping me generate this type of response in such a short amount of time!

Check this out:  ActiveRain versus and!

ActiveRain results on the company's website

I am truly in continual amazement at everything that ActiveRain does for my business.  THANK YOU SO MUCH, AR!!! 


I’m movin’ on up with AR!!!