Are we in a 21st Century Great Depression? The signs I saw…

Yesterday I was sitting in line at a light coming off the interstate when I saw a police car stopped to my left, just around the corner.  I am a curious person, so I tried to figure out what the fuss was about.

There were two policemen talking to about 5 people (obviously a family).  It looked like a father with four teenagers.  There was no mother.  They each had a sizeable duffel bag they were carrying.  It looked like they had not had a shower in a couple of days, but they were all clean-cut looking people. 

I looked around for a car wreck, but there was no car in sight.  I rolled down my window to be able to hear what the conversation was about.  (They were, after all, fairly close to where I was).

The father was holding his head down and the kids looked a little glazed over.  One of the policemen was trying to give the father a pep talk – a “you can make it” talk – and the other officer was dipping in his pocket to give them some money.

What I gathered from my eavesdropping was that the family had just lost their house and their car and really had nowhere to go and were just wandering aimlessly with their things. 

I was rather shocked.  It is one thing to see it on the news and to hear about the “housing crisis” and the foreclosures and quite another to see a family wandering around the streets of Nashville with no place to go and not knowing what to do.



It reminded me of pictures I have seen from the Great Depression.  For me, this experience was rather intense and heart breaking and I felt so helpless.  I mean, what could I do for these people myself? 

I am still on the newbie side in this business – just a year and a half in, so I have not personally seen this impact before.  I made a resolution to myself that I would NEVER try to sell a home to somebody that I thought could not afford it.  And I will NEVER try to upsell a home either.  Even if it means that I make do with less commission in my life.

Although we are a capitalist society, we are still a chain of human beings and are only as strong as our weakest link!