Are Investors like American Civil War Scavengers?

Real estate investing excites me. 

I do believe that smart investing will really pay off financially in the long run!  So I love when I get to work with investors. 

I was recently working with one (who actually found me right here on Active Rain!) and he was interested in short sales.  So I starting finding him some properties that might work for him.

Now, with investors and short sales/foreclosures comes a whole Pandora’s Box of thoughts and opinions.  Typically, investors want to purchase these distressed properties and re-sell them for a profit.

While searching for these properties, I always call the listing agent and make sure that the sellers don’t mind receiving a low offer for their home.  I don’t want to surprise them with no advanced warning.  There is no need to offend anyone with an unwanted low offer. 

But I ran across a real estate agent who really shocked me.  This was his comment:  “Investors are like the scavengers during the American Civil War who robbed dead soldiers of their currency.  They get the currency re-circulating, but the way they obtain it is deplorable.”



I tend to disagree with him in this crude comparison, but I am curious to hear what other real estate industry professionals think…