April Showers Bring May Flowers – Nashville Sellers: Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal!

Majorly rainy weather here in Nashville today! 


And I can't remember where I heard this saying “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, but somewhere along the line I picked that up. 

And check out this cake that http://www.rebeccascake.blogspot.com/ created just for this saying:

Too cute Rebecca!


Anyway, back to the storyline, which is teaching Sellers how to enhance your Nashville home to invite in the Buyers! 

First off, take a step outside your front door (don't forget your raincoat if you do it today!)

Look back at your house… What do you notice first?  Get a mental list going of the good and bad things that you notice…

1.  Exterior of the House — if you have shutters, are they hanging nicely?  Do any of them have chipped paint or rotting wood?  How about the front door?  Does it need new paint or are the doorknobs in serious need of repair or replacement?  What about the house itself?  Could it stand to be pressure washed (note:  don't pressure wash vinyl!)

2.  What about the Driveway and any Sidewalks— Is it clean and free of debris?  Are the cracks minimized?  Does it need a new coat of sealant?  Are there weeds growing up through them?  A little bit of Roundup will go a long way for that!


3.  Landscaping — How does the mailbox look?  Has it been the victim of mailbox baseball?  What about your landscaping beds?  Are they well defined and full of living plants?  Have you mulched recently? 


Drawing a buyer in to view your house takes more than just a good location and price!  Sell your house from the outside and then you will bring them in to sell it from the inside!


For more information on how to prepare your home to sell in the Nashville Real Estate Market, please contact Emily Lowe at 615.509.1753!