Agents – PUHLEASEEE!!!!! Tell Your Sellers!!!

Last week I had a mortifying inspection.  When I arrived, the house was a disaster, there was a large barking dog inside, and the house alarm was going off.  The inspector was already there, so I tried to get the dog to calm down, called to get the alarm code and then settled in to wait while the inspection was performed.

My Buyer arrived a little bit late (which I was grateful for due to the beginning chaos) and we had a seat while the Inspector did his thing. 

All of a sudden the Inspector came roaring down the stairs, nearly crying with laughter and said “Now, I've seen it all!” 

The Buyer and I questioned him on what he had discovered, but all he would say was “Go upstairs and look next to the sink.” 

So we went upstairs and looked next to the sink and…….

There were some EXTREMELY PERSONAL SEX TOYS SITTING OUT!!!  And NOT of the normal variety!!!

I was so horrified! 

My Buyer got sick and spent the rest of the inspection in the bathroom.  I started thinking about all of it, and I have come to the conclusion that the Realtor did not tell his Seller when the Inspection had been scheduled for.(The house was a mess, the dog was inside, the alarm was on – all things that, upon showing, had not been the norm).  

So Agents – PLEASEEEEE!!!!  Tell Your Sellers when the Inspection is Going to Take Place!!!