5 Ways to Get Your Nashville Home Ready to Sell in 2012

5 Ways to Get Your Nashville Home Ready to Sell in 2012

Preparing to Sell Your Nashville Home in 2012


Well, first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  So far it’s off to a great start, but I’m only three days in 😛


I am not doing New Year’s Resolutions this year.  As I said on Facebook, “I’m entering into 2012 with goals of living passionately in both my personal and professional life. I want to learn more about myself and the loved ones around me. I want to let go of fear. I want to pursue things that I have not previously been brave enough to pursue. I’m excited for the journey and the adventure that 2012 will bring.”


Is it weird to quote myself?  Hmmm

Then on to quoting other people, Tara on Trulia to be exact.  Well, with my own spin added.


If you DO set resolutions and one of your resolutions is to sell your Nashville home in 2012, then I think you will find the following 5 things to do very helpful towards that goal:

  1. Write it down!  Yes, on paper.  With a pen.  Okay, maybe with your Stylus on an iPad.  The point is, figure out how much money you have invested in your current home.  Now, how much would you LIKE to make (in an ideal world) and how much do you think you are LIKELY to make (in the real world now).  Look around your house with a business eye rather than a personal eye.  Would YOU buy your house in its current condition?  If you say YES right away, then ok.  If you say YES with the reservation of ‘but maybe I would want this area a little nicer’, then roll up your sleeves.  It’s time to get that unkempt room or two (or 3,4,etc.) put back in sellable condition.  What is sellable condition?  A decent paint job, the floors have to look good and the clutter needs to be gone.  Onward.
  2. Study your Local Market.  In other words, march yourself into some neighborhood open houses.  Objectively compare your house to each home you visit.  Take the paperwork from each home with you.  Are the neighbors offering incentives to buyers?  Do any of the neighbors have amazing features that your house doesn’t have.  Do YOU have amazing features in your house that others don’t have?  All of this needs to be carefully looked over.
  3. Pull your paperwork together.  This is going to include all paperwork you have on your home.  Current mortgage statements, financial statements, any receipts you have on work that has been done to the house, etc.  I also like it when sellers write a general letter on why they selected the house to begin with and what they have enjoyed about the house while they have lived in it.  Don’t make it too long, but make it genuine.  Leave it out when buyers come to see your house.  Ok, that last part wasn’t really “paperwork”. 
  4. Prepare a Timeline Along with your real estate agent, make a realistic timeline of how and when all aspects of the selling process are going to happen.  Determine whether you want a quick sale for a bit less money or if you want to hold out for the price you desire (and PLEASE take into consideration the comparables).  If you price it out of the neighborhood, it’s more than likely that the buyers will BUY out of the neighborhood for that price.
  5. Get busy.  With your list of to-do’s.  Work on curb appeal.  De-clutter.  Keep the real estate agent’s in-home brochures on your property with you at all times so you can hand it out if friends or acquaintances are asking.  Now for some un-conventional advice:  Read up on negotiating strategies.  There are lots of books and blog posts out there on negotiating.  If you familiarize yourself with this process, you will feel less frustrated during negotiations.  Yes, real estate agents are trained in this.  Ask your agent for their opinion about how you feel you should negotiate.  Maybe do this before hiring an agent so you know how they are going to approach negotiations.


Now – get started and sell your Nashville home in 2012!