3 Cosmetic Improvements to Make to Your Home Before Selling

3 Cosmetic Improvements to Make to Your Home Before Selling

Cosmetic Improvements are Important when you're going to sell your house

1.  Kitchen

Ah the kitchen.  The central hub of any home.  And the kitchen is the best room to improve.  Re-paint or replace those old cabinets, put in a granite countertop, change out the old tile or vinyl for new tile or vinyl.  A fresh coat of paint will also go a long way.  Replace old knobs for newer ones, splurge on a new faucet and don’t forget those light fixtures as well!  To go all out on improving the kitchen, replace the old appliances with new stainless steel appliances.  These are the #1 types of improvements buyers are looking for in a home!

2.  Master Bath/Suite

The Master Bath/Suite.  The getaway space in your home.  It’s so nice for buyers to be able to envision themselves relaxing in an updated master bathroom.  Most of the cosmetic improvements to be made in the bathroom center around fixtures and maybe some tile and paint.  The faucets, knobs, light fixtures all need to be updated.  If the tile is really old or has major cracks in it, then it’s time to update the tile as well. 

3.  Curb Appeal

Last but certainly not least, improve the curb appeal of your home!  An inviting exterior is what draws the interest of a potential buyer to further explore your home.  Plant shrubs and flowers, replace old light fixtures and door knobs with new ones and if there are problems with the driveway or porch, get them fixed as well! 

As far as how much to spend on these three improvements to your home:  well, my opinion is that less is more.  Whatever work you can do yourself, do it!  This will save you a lot of money on your remodel.  However!  You can shoot yourself in the foot if the work you do is substandard, so make sure that you are capable on the front end!

If you feel uncertain as to how much to spend, a real estate agent will usually be able to ballpark the numbers for you.  This is something that I frequently do for my clients and their rate of return on their investment usually makes them happy. 

Hope this post has been helpful!