10 Best Reasons to Move to Nashville

For those who have never visited Music City you may not be aware of what makes it such a fabulous place to live. Nashville is a city that has a small town feel paired with the amenities a major metropolis has to offer. Many think of Nashville as just a honky tonk tourist attraction for die hard Country Music fans. But beyond the streets that are always pulsing with the infectious sound of live authentic Country Music there is a plethora of reasons that make Music City an ideal place to live and raise a family. Here are my top 10 picks as to why I have made Nashville, TN my home.



10. The Weather – Whether you like warm, cool, or cold weather Nashville has it all. Winters are not very extreme and we have little to moderate snow fall. Nashville tends to have longer spring and fall seasons which seems to taper off the winter and summer months from being too harsh. This makes the average yearly high temperatures to be about 70 degrees. Perfectly pleasant!




9.  There’s Always Something Going On – Due to the favorable weather there is always some kind of event or festival going on around the city. They don’t call it Music City for nothing! Home to the CMA Festival, Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival and just a drive away from Bonnaroo, Nashville constantly hosts major headline acts and concerts. Are you into sports? There are pro, semi-pro and college sports to indulge in. Home of the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, the Nashville Sounds, and colleges like Vanderbilt University who just snagged the College Baseball World Series Championship!



8.  Employment Opportunities – There are promising job opportunities currently thriving in Nashville! As a quickly growing city more and more jobs arise in all kinds of industries. The state of TN has a relatively low unemployment rate of 6.4% as of May 2014. According to Forbes Nashville was rated #2 in job growth during the same time last year.





7.   A Melting Pot – Nashville is a very culturally diverse metropolis. Over the years a vast array of cultures and ethnicities have migrated their way to enjoy the Southern life of Nashville. This diverseness has impacted the overall culture of the city via restaurants, fashion, entertainment, the arts, leisure activities, and education. Whether you want to enjoy an evening at the opera, explore the latest art display at The Frist, stroll through The Country Music Hall of Fame, or indulge in the Chinese Moon Festival in August, there is always some diverse cultural activity to indulge in. In fact Nashville boasts 100 parks, 30 museums and 13 colleges in the metro area.




6. Star Struck! – You can live amongst the stars! It isn’t a rarity to spot a national celebrity around Nashville while grabbing a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop or filling gas at a gas station.


Music City harbors many Country super stars and famous professional athletes. Ever since the ABC TV series show “Nashville” aired in 2012, cast members are repeatedly spotted at local honkey tonks and restaurants. 


5. Bon Appetite, Cheers!, Opah! –  Restaurants galore! If you have an appetite for dining out then Nashville is a great place to glutton yourself. In 2013 Travel & Leisure ranked Nashville #16 on its list of “America’s Best Cities for Foodies”. The up-and-coming trendy East Nashville area has become popular for its innovative, inventive, and chic restaurants and eateries. Everything from sushi to Italian, or from Thai to Cajun can be relished in Music City.


4. The Sound of Music – Nashville didn’t get the name “Music City” for nothing. Not only is it the epicenter for Country music, but it is also stems other genres such as Rap, R&B, Pop & Bluegrass out of studios that grace Music Row. Nashville is not only a place of the professionals but also a place for aspiring artists, musicians and songwriters and has earned the respect of honing the best of the best in the music business. On any given night you can hear the roar of Live music pulsing through the streets along Broadway and Midtown and just about any bar you walk into. Music Row is also the home of all the major record labels and music publishing companies such as Sony/ATV, Universal, and Curb Records.


3. More $$$ In Your Pocket – In addition to Nashville being a prolific city and a great place to start a new career, the state of Tennessee is one of only 6 states that has no state income tax! Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra cash in your pocket each time you get paid? Bonus!


2. Comfortable Living – According to a recent article published by Forbes, Nashville was ranked #11 in their list of cities with the lowest cost of living.  The price of food, gas, rent, etc., all remain to be competitive as compared to other parts of the United States making Nashville an attractive place to relocate financially.  



1. A Wise InvestmentBusinesswire.com published a recent article that named Nashville the #12 rated city for real estate investment boasting one of the steadiest housing markets in the Nation. Considering the colossal downfall the real estate market took throughout the country over the past decade it sure is a relief to know that the real estate market in Nashville is on the rise! 




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